Sunday, January 2, 2011

Don't Say That

Here is my small effort to help you start the new year out right by avoiding hearing, seeing or saying evil. It may be a little strong to call the words or phrases on Lake Superior State University's list of words (or phrases) that should be banned evil, but I have to agree that some of them have been a bit overused.

Lake Superior State University's 2011 list of banished words:




wow factor

 a-ha moment



man up


mamma grizzlies

 the American people
(I'm not too sure what's wrong with this one)

I'm just sayin'
(I have to admit to having over used this one myself)

Facebook/Google as verbs
(Don't we all use Google as a verb)

live life to the fullest

Do you agree or disagree that the words on this list should be banned?

Do you have any words you would like to add to it?


  1. I think it's hilarious that two of them came from or of Sarah Palin. I'm trying not to think evil thoughts, but I'd like to see her banned from the airwaves.

  2. Yes! to BFF, which i always have to stop and think about. (does it mean best female friend? or best friend forever?)

    how about MILF? that'd be a good one to ban, too.

  3. I would totally like to add 'my bad' to this list.

  4. And, from me. Please ad in "I thought about, ah, going to the, ah, movies with Jan but, ah, she, ah, said she would not, ah, get off work, ah, till about, ah, nine.

  5. Mine is know what you mean

  6. What about "Dude!" It now can refer to male or female!

  7. Oh my, I'm guilty of "over use" of at least one of these but I can't help it!!! I'm just sayin...

  8. I don't believe words should be banned as they are what helps a language develop.

  9. I really like the Kay who left the comment here. I have to agree with her comment.

  10. Oh goodness to glory, just sayin' is one of my key phrases. My bad!

    What the heck is a Mama grizzles???

    God bless ya and have a wonderful day....just sayin' Heeehehehe!!!! :o)

  11. there are several words that I think should be banned....but they can't be aired here...I mean really there are so many bleeps on tv and radio now a days because of these words...I'm just saying...oops that's on the list...BFF gets on my nerves too...

  12. I have one. "Amazing". It seems that if a person likes ANYTHING, then it's "amazing"....

  13. That was fun reading the comments
    I thought Dude would be gone by now
    I hate some words the younger generation uses like 'frekin'

  14. Great list, although not using Google as a verb is going to be tough, probably even impossible. Good things to keep in mind!

  15. I love Kay's comment...Ha, ha, ha.
    I dislike the words: always, never, how are you? (I'd rather say "how good to see you"), and right now I can't think, so that's it from me for now.
    Good thoughts though, Jeanie.

  16. I would like to see, "Are you sure?" banished. It is so lame. Is like slapping someone in the face, as if they don't know what they are saying...or they don't believe they deserve it.

  17. What an interesting post to comment on. I agree with Grammy and the use of "freking" which always sounds like the other word. I hate the word "appropriate." Not used as much as two years ago, and also, "That's a good question," when someone is interviewed. I used that once in Paris during a dinner party at my dad's, and everyone laughed at me and said I sounded like an American politician.