Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Fragments

Trying to learn to use my new phone and starting a new, very long book, Fall of Giants by Ken Follett, has caused me to neglect my blog this week. Well, that and not having much to say, so I'm gathering my few random thoughts and scattering them around this week's Friday Fragments.


Do you wear Crocs? You know, the colorful foam/resin clogs that look like this.

I live in Boulder County, Colorado where Crocs originated and I have never owned a pair. I have bought a number of pairs for my grandkids who wear them all the time, but I have never worn them. Now that the Crocs brand has expanded to about 120 styles I may have to change that. These are a couple of the new styles that may change my mind about Crocs.

What do you think?


Sometimes when I read an interesting comment on a blog I want to go to the commenter"s blog and see what else they have to say. That usually works out fine, but when I get to a profile and see that the person has three or four different blogs I get a little confused. Well, first I wonder how they are able to keep up with so many blogs and then I get confused. How do I know which one is their "main" blog or is there a "main"blog? Sometimes I just read the one with the most recent post, but more often I just back out and move on because I don't like to be confused. Any Advice? 


A physical education teacher at the elementary school near our house allowed her students to duct tape her to the gym wall when they exceeded their fundraising goal for Jump Rope for Heart. She is an award winning teacher and I have to admire her creativity in encouraging her students, but I get claustrophopic just looking at this picture.

Picture from Colorado Hometown Weekly


Our new baby, Beck, will be a month old soon. He is growing fast....he is already too big for most of his newborn clothes.

He has already been to lots of soccer games.

Keeping up with 2 big sisters sometimes just wears a little guy out.

Pictures stolen from my daughter's blog


  1. No crocs here.

    And I know what you mean about the multiple blogs. I find myself clicking on one that I think is the main blog and go from there.

    And that teacher looks awfully vulnerable. I can see a student getting even. LOL

    He's growing fast. Get that glove ready.

  2. Hi,Jeanie,

    It's Jeanie! Thanks for visiting my blog to comment -- and guess what! You found the "main" blog. Your point about blogs is a good one, and it's one I wrestle with. My Marmelade Gypsy is definitely my main blog (I don't know if you can tell the number of posts from the profile -- that would be a good clue, but I don't think they show). My other is books, media, etc. A companion site. But so many folks come to that one instead of the Gypsy which I really work on. They are listed alphabetically, which is frustrating.

    If you get any good answers (besides checking them both and making a good guess), please let me know!

    You asked about how do we keep is straight. The answer for me is targeting content. The Gypsy is a little of most everything -- but mostly art, life, musings, travel, cooking and fun. Chopsticks is basically media and books. Which is why it doesn't get as many posts! I read a lot -- but not THAT fast!

  3. What an adorable new baby!
    I completely agree about the blog thing. Sometimes I will ask a blogger what her "main blog" is.
    And the duct tape - no thank you!

  4. I have never owned a pair of crocs either, I hear they are wonderfully comfortable!

    Beck is Beautiful :)

    That Phys Ed instructor was brave.

    I usually turn the other way as well when I see more than one blog listed.
    I like the way many of the bloggers have different tabs for seperate topics on thier blog. Still haven't figured that out!

    Have an incredible weekend!


  5. Ditto to all of the above comments!

    I saw on the news this week about a teenage mom and her boyfriend who duct taped her toddler to a wall so they could do drugs. Someone saw the pictures they took of it and turned them in...and yet she got custody back after him being taken away for a few days!

  6. Only in America (to the above comment)!
    Your new little one is so precious..I have just the girlfriend for him!
    What a brave teacher..I think I would go crazy with claustrophobia!
    I get so confused with the blogs too. I can or actually embarrassingly cannot even keep up with one.
    Have a great weekend..

  7. I am shocked by "Wander to the Wayside's" comment. What cruelty, I shiver at the thought of such inhumane behavior. Selfish creeps!!!
    Your post was delightful and knowing there was no creulty involved with the teacher,I find it amusing. A little far fetched, but I bet the kids loved it.
    Beck is a beauty, no crocks in my life and ditto on the many different blogs.

  8. Yes, I have a pair of crocs. The kind I have are like slippers and are my house shoes. I went looking for another pair and I found out that they are now made guessed it....China!

    I am back to sewing my own clothes, canning fresh local vegetables, etc., etc. because I refuse to buy things made in foreign countries. Well, as much as possible. I do drive a BMW! Anyway, my argument against such purchases includes all that it takes away from us as Americans, but more than that it is about having child labor and no health coverage and environmentally unsafe working conditions...this is what I most object to. Would we want, no would we allow our own children and young adults to work under such conditions?

    Sorry for the rant.

  9. How can it be, baby Beck is even more handsome!!!

    I have a pair of Croc flip-flops I just love and will no hesitate to replace the once they wear out.

    I have no clue how to keep up with my blog a little lone write three or four. I'm thinkin' ya have to have a staff to do everything else!

    I'm MIA spending time with my fam in Brownsville, Tx. I lost my Daddy Wed. night.

    God bless you sweetie and you have yourself a marvelous weekend!!! :o)

  10. I don't own a pair of Crocs, nor do I think I ever will. I have "special" feet that need "special" shoes, and I don't think there are any "special" Crocs out there! They are adorable and I love the bright colors.

    Beck is a handsome little one. He looks so content.

    I'm a little short on time, so I just read the blog to which I am connected. I have two blogs, one for fictional stories, or crazy stories about my kids. I don't get the exposure that I get with my main blog. So, I usually post on the main blog.

    I just noticed your picture of Dodger. I think my Tootsie would like to meet him!

    Thank you for stopping by today and leaving a comment.

  11. Beck is just so adorable!! so glad to see he is getting out and about and enjoying the action on the soccer field!! I think those two other croc fashions you featured could be a consideration for shoe wear. I never owned a pair of Crocs, just never got around to checking them out. I know what you mean about multiple blogs; I maintain two, one for my thoughts about the Bible and then of course the dog's blog :) I'm figuring those who come to visit if they have a relationship with God might click on the Fear of the Lord one; otherwise, they'll be safe and click the corgi one :)

    that teacher was brave!! I'm thinking there is no way I could have done that; I would have been claustrophobic and having trouble breathing

    enjoy your book :)


  12. Baby Beck. I am smitten. Was there more writing in this post? I just got lost in that baby picture.


    Oh yea.

    If you're gonna duct tape me to a wall you better buy a few cases of tape and then plan on tranquilizing me. That kinda/sorta made me feel freaked out.

    And did I mention Baby Beck is adorable.


    OK, yea.

    Those bottom crocs look pretty cute. I have all the bright ones but only wear them in my garden.

    And that baby.


  13. That baby is too cute! Love the duct taped teacher!

    Enjoy your book - I love big thick ones!

  14. Our principal is going to be duct taped to the flag pole because the kids met our fundraising goal. I'll have to take a picture!

    I must agree, that IS an adorable baby! :)

  15. I haven't owned a pair of Crocs yet myself. I do love my Keene's though.

    Too many blogs on a profile is very confusing, I'm with you on that!

    I bet the students LOVED that!!

    I can barely remember when my daughter was that little and it's only been nine years.

  16. I'm one of those guilty for having more than one blog on the profile. What happened was my husband started a temporary blog about running the Marathon. Then I started another blog just to test out different styles so I wouldn't change anything on my "Musings" blog. It didn't occur to me that it would confuse everybody. Sigh...

  17. What a cute baby, and I like his name! You are lucky to have so many grandchildren. Couldn't help admiring that knitted star blanket at the soccer game, either(sorry...always the knitter..)
    I don't own crocs, but I see them everywhere.
    I know what you mean by multi-blogging.

  18. Lord with that baby how do you find time to even post? He is adorable LOVE the blanket!!!! Ditto on the multiple blog thing and ditto on figuring out the tabs thing, and ditto on everything else. yep I wore crocs to work at the hsopital they work well for 12 hour shifts; until I tried Merrill's and the Merrills win hands down. One thing about Crocs is they can be easy to stub your foot and get a bit trippy don't know why but I used to do that running on hospital floors. They are very comfortable and provide no support whatsoever for your feet.

  19. Beck is such a cutie! I bet you love holding him. :)
    I vote for the first pair of crocks, for you to get. The look warm and comfy. Somehome the look of crocs has grown on me, but I haven´t bought a pair .....yet. :)
    Have a good week Jeanie!

  20. Beck is getting more beautiful by the minute!

    No crocs for me. They are just too, too, too-- I don't know know what the word is, but I just can't do it. Probably because I'm afraid they'd be so comfortable I'd never take them off :-)

    And I'm with you on the which is the "main" blog. I don't like clicking around trying to figure it out.

    I'm heading off for vacation next week. I'll catch up with you when I get back.

    Cheers, jj

  21. Aw....he's precious. Love the last pair of crocs! (I don't have any either.)

    If it's too much work, I don't bother; there are too many blogs out there to find easily. You make a great point; I just might have to refer to that fragment on Friday!