Sunday, February 8, 2009

John Breaux Footnote

As our community continues to process the loss of John, I am touched by all the comments I have read and heard expressing a goal to be more like John. Several have said that there is already a sense of people being friendlier and more courteous to one another. I hope it is true and I hope it lasts.

The outpouring has continued to be tremendous. Five gallon jars in many stores to collect funds for a memorial have been filled and refilled. At least 2000 attended the funeral. Flowers continue to be left at the gravesite and activities continue to be planned in John's memory.

It is all an amazing legacy for a humble man.

I attended a family visitation at a church in Louisville on Friday afternoon. As I was leaving, I noticed a woman in the car across from me crying. I sympathized in my mind and got in my car and went home. If I had been more like John, I would have stopped and talked to her, offered a friendly word or at least waved and smiled in sympathy. I didn't. I hope I will do better next time.

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