Monday, March 31, 2014

I Admire People Who.....

I attended a memorial service today for a woman who had worked for the Chamber of Commerce in our little town for 30 years.  She was a quiet, friendly woman who never forgot the name of someone she had met. She was a woman who did nice things for other people every day without ever expecting anything in return. The hundreds of people who attended the memorial service were a testimony to the fact that she was a woman who lived her life in an admirable way. 

It is easy to admire people who do big things in a big way but remembering this woman along with the many who came together to honor her reminded me that doing things every day in an admirable way is just as important.

I admire people who.....

Know that there is always something new to learn.

Realize there are times when it is okay to let someone do more for
 you than you can ever possibly repay.

Have time and money and are willing to share both.

Are really positive about their political convictions
and really know why they are.

Don't take all the blame or all the credit for
the outcomes in their children's lives.

Don't always have to be given credit for the positive things for which they are responsible.

On a lighter note I would add people who.....

  Are out jogging when I think even my basement is too cold for me to go down and use the treadmill.

Are over 15 and can ride a Tilt-A-Whirl without getting sick.

Get up an hour early in the morning to go to the gym.

Are over 15 and can do the splits.

Say they want to lose some weight and then actually lose some weight.

Who do you admire?


  1. You're becoming the Erma Bombeck of the blog world, Jeanie! Your wit and wisdom make me smile. This list of qualities you admire in people is a close match to one I would make. I would like to expand on two of your points.

    With the political cycle leading up to important decisions for our country, I am hoping for the best but bracing for endless months of negative campaign ads, mud slinging and dirty tricks. I fervently defend the right of a person on the other side of the aisle to hold and express their beliefs as long as they remain respectful of mine.

    I also agree that it is admirable when people do good deeds without expecting to receive credit and recognition for them. I am reminded of the early years of the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon. As part of the annual fundraiser, representatives of major corporations would join Jerry on stage and present a large check to him earmarked for research to find a cure. Invariably, those reps expected to be given ample air time to make a long winded speech aimed at boosting the image of the sponsor company. Jerry typically cut them off, grabbed the check out of their hands and reminded them that the clock was ticking and that this was about the kids and not a corporate promotional piece. Jerry was often met with shocked expressions for appearing to be rude, but I admired his guts. Huge corporations and private citizens can choose to remain anonymous when they donate to a charity or other worthy cause. How many actually do that, preferring instead to blow their own horn? Give secretly and silently and you will experience a much more profound joy.

    Great post, dear friend Jeanie! I hope your week is off to a fine start!

  2. Once I heard someone say, about a mutual friend, "I have never heard her say a bad word about anyone." I admire people like that mutual friend.

  3. Hi there, I like people who live a life of gratitude, always positive in what they say but not afraid to stand up for others(and themselves)if someone is treating them inappropriately.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs, Noreen

  4. I do admire the speed at which children absorb information and learn things that interest them. Truly, it is one reason that we need to protect what our children and grandchildren see and watch, because their minds are constantly searching for new frontiers to explore without any thought of what is appropriate for them. I admire their "No Fear" attitude toward electronics and gadgets that tend to cause a brain freeze in us older adults.

  5. She seemed like a wonderful lady; I'm sure she will be missed by her family and friends. I liked reading what you admire in people. Honestly, I admite anyone who is flexible these days, no matter what age! I admire those people who know what to say in any given situation and what not to say in any given situation and those that know when it is time to be silent.


  6. I "swear" I need to proof read before I hit comment. I admire anyone who is flexible these days :)


  7. I admire people who say "I'm just going to be me, doing the best I can and to heck with getting uptight about everything I'm not doing."

  8. This is a fabulous list Jeanie, and I agree with every single one of them. I'd add someone who is kind -- both in person and when the other person has left; someone who sparkles as best one can even when the chips are down and isn't afraid to cry to reveal their own feelings. Who follows through.

    I suspect that this woman was a friend or you might not have been likely to attend the memorial -- so I'm really sorry for your loss. And even if she was just an acquaintance, I suspect her loss will leave a big hole in the lives of the people who knew her.

  9. I admire people who can see the positive in anybody.

    I admire single parents. They really do have it rough.

    I admire those people who have gotten out of shape and are trying to get back in shape.

  10. I admire people who can write a wonderful, encouraging, thoughtful blog post - that's YOU!!

  11. I applaud everything you admire, Jeanie. I also admire people who can find the good in others and bring it forth. (Hope you can soon get out here and walk in springtime!)

  12. I admire my husband for putting up with me.

  13. HA HA! I'm with gigihawaii on that one.