Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I Know It Is Tuesday.....

I know today is Tuesday but pretend with me for a minute that it is Monday which is when I started writing this post so that when I say yesterday you know I am talking about Sunday. I would have posted this Monday but my computer threw a little temper tantrum.....not the dreaded blue screen, but a lighter blue screen with diagonal darker blue lines with little white lines on them popped up and wouldn't go away. Yeah, really. I don't know what it was or where it came from, but it seems to be sorted for the time being.


Yesterday was a good day. I got to start the day by  having breakfast with my daughters. Even though we see each other often and talk on the phone most days it is rare for just the three of us to have a time to just sit and talk without lots of interruptions so it was a special time for me to catch up with them. We said we should do it more often but it can be hard to plan with all the activities their kids are involved in.

I'm not sure they will love this early morning picture but they look great to me.

After breakfast I came home to meet an electrician (yes, he came on Sunday)  who was going to do all the wiring, etc. to install a new TV above our fireplace. Doc had been very resistant to a bigger TV until he saw a couple of football games at other people's houses on big screens and then he couldn't get one fast enough. While the TV installation was going on I got to have a tea party with my 5 year old granddaughter, Anna, and some Little Ponies.

With some help from my son who has been sort of our project manager for the whole TV thing (it would have taken me forever to figure out the right wall mount, cables, connections, etc.) the TV was up and running in time for us to watch the Broncos play the Chargers. The Broncos victory yesterday has football fever at a high pitch around here.

I ended the day with the new episode of Downton Abbey. It was good but I am not sure that I am going to like the way the storylines are going for some of the characters this season. My real guilty pleasure lately has been watching all six seasons of Doc Martin. I'm not sure what it is about Doc Martin that has sucked me in but I am addicted and can't wait for a seventh season.


Okay, it can be Tuesday again now. I haven't really done much today except for getting my teeth cleaned.
Oh, and all the paperwork for our 2013 tax preparation came in the mail today from our accountant ...ugh! I may have to go watch a little Doc Martin just to improve my frame of mind.


  1. Hi Jeanie, I came on-line and there you were - and it was Sunday! I love when that happens. Now, I must google Doc Martin. We've gotten 2' of snow in 2 days and the wind is horrific. I had to stay inside all day. I sure hope it is sunny and maybe I can ski tomorrow. Are you skiing this season? We may head to Denver over Martin Luther King weekend just to enjoy some milder temps!

  2. Hi, dear Jeanie! I'm happy to see a picture of your daughters side by side and so glad the three of you had a chance to get together and catch up. It's also nice to see cute little Anna enjoying her toys. Now that you have a big screen TV installed in your house you'll all wonder how you ever got by without one. Mrs. Shady and I both love Doc Martin and Downton Abbey. I was shocked by what happened to Anna, weren't you?

    Happy Tuesday, dear friend. Enjoy the rest of your week and give Dodger a pat on the head and a biscuit for me!

  3. You're talking my language -- Downton and Doc. I've missed a lot of the Doc Martin's -- our station shows them on Saturdays and the repeat is Fridays so half the time I'm not around! But every one I see I like -- I even have a Doc bobblehead that someone gave me when I retired! Downton -- I knew about Anna's rape because I read the spoilers. I was glad I did but I sort of stopped after that, although I have a have a pressroom account and can preview all the future episodes, but I've refrained from that. I really don't like watching them on the computer. I think the Edith story will get interesting -- he's pretty elusive, her Gregson, isn't he? Do you read Ripple Effects? Arti does good posts on it and the discussion is always interesting. I asked her if she knew the year this season is set in -- I think we are getting very close to Hitler's initial coming to being, which could make that story very interesting.

    And I think both of your daughters are gorgeous -- I can't believe that's first thing in the morning. I look more like Joan Crawford (or maybe Bette Davis) in Baby Jane till I'm up and at it for awhile. I'm so glad you could have time together to just talk and be.

  4. Beautiful daughters you have, Jeanie! So neat to have that special time with them, maybe schedule something quarterly? Too cute with Doc wanting a bigger TV; glad it got installed for the game (grrrr Chargers) and that was a good Denver win I must say! Never heard of Doc Martin, but must google it. Always interested in a series to get addicted to (though I promised myself I wouldn't get addicted again after I got hooked into LOST). My sister is a Downtown Abbey fan, but I've never watched any. I think she was concerned about what would be happening with it this year too.


  5. Those are cute photos. Your daughters are lovely even in the morning.
    We love our big screen TV, a 52 incher, and plan to buy a 65 inch 3-D TV later.

  6. The dentist AND the accountant-that's quite a day : )

  7. Your daughters are just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. My wife is a huge fan of Downtown Abby, but then, she was a huge fan of Ann of Green Gables. She loves the period settings.

  9. How funny! I watched all of the 6 seasons of Doc Martin too and can't wait for Season 7. Your daughters are stunning, Jeanie and they look very sweet and friendly. You must be so proud of them.

    Sigh... no big TV for us yet. We don't really have a place it could fit. Sigh...

  10. Oh yes, I recognize that tea set. I probably would know the ponies, too. :) And your daughters and Anna are beautiful. But then, why wouldn't they be?!

  11. I have already seen all of Season 4 of Downton Abbey. (Check out Simply June's blog on my sidebar). It is okay but quite a change from previous seasons I think. Love the date with your girls. It is always wonderful to get together with my children. Tax documents showing up will ruin the mood every time.

  12. Your daughters look great to me, too.

    I feel so out of the loop when people start talking about Downton Abbey. I've never watched it, but it sure does seem to be a huge fan favorite. Not sure my hubby would be interested in watching it, though.

    Very cool on getting the big screen. We got ours some years back to watch our Falcons win a Super Bowl. HA! We're still waiting on that to happen, but the games still look super on the big screen, even when our guys are stinking up the field. (Good luck to your Broncs!)

  13. I'm out first thing in the morning to make a quick stop to buy a birthday card to enclose with a gift I'm putting into the mail tomorrow for a friend. I NEED to have a stash of cards (like yours) put back for such occasions. It's takes a lot of planning to stay on top of all the things we woulda/shoulda/coulda do, doesn't it?! Your daughters are both VERY pretty and I love tea parties like you shared with your sweet Anna. :-)