Friday, March 15, 2013

Freewheeling Friday


I was supposed to work for about 4 hours today, but when I got there the computer I work on was down and even with help from tech support it wasn't coming back up. They said they would have to send a technician to the office at some undetermined time, so instead of working I came home and changed clothes and went to the gym. I can't say I worked too hard at the gym, but my arms are well aware of the time I spent on the rowing machine. It is funny how a plan to attend a school reunion in a couple of weeks kept me on the machine for an extra 5 or 10 minutes.

Anyway, I'm using the rest of my found time to empty my brain of thoughts for posts I didn't write this week in a little Freewheeling Friday.


I wasn't paying much attention recently to an interview on TV with someone who had written a book about women's friendships, but something I did hear really stuck in my mind.

They said that spending time with a good friend is as important to a woman's health as regular exercise and a healthy diet. I wasn't listening closely enough to cite any scientific proof for what they said, but that is a health tip that I can gladly follow. I liked it so much that I had to call my good friend Patty to plan a coffee date....much more fun than all that time on the rowing machine.


Even when I am not a very good blogger I try to be a good commenter on blogs I read. Sometimes, even when I find a post interesting, I don't really have an interesting comment to make. I think we all like comments when we write a post, but sometimes I can't decide whether to leave a boring comment or no comment at all. What kind of commenter are you? Do you leave a comment on every post you read.?


My little crocus' survived the 10 inches of snow they got covered by last Saturday and are happily blooming today in temps in the 70s.


BTW, I like comments, even if they are boring.


  1. Those crocuses are beautiful, Jeanie. So colorful!! WTG to making to the gym; we slid behind last week and this week, some stress, some late hours, time change, but Monday we should be good to go again :)

    I used to leave comments on every blog post I read, but nowadays if I can't think of something good to say, I might not leave one, especially if it isn't someone I regularly comment on, if that makes sense. I do try to leave a comment on those blogs that comment on mine. what I don't like is the "fly by" comments that often make me wonder if someone actually read what I wrote, like "have a nice day" and nothing else. I like to at least mention something in the comment I leave that at least lets the person know I read their words.

    That is interesting about the stuff with ladies and friends. I think I need a healthier diet of girl friends in my life.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Awwwww, your beautiful little crocus' are screamin' spring for sure. Lovely!!!

    I've been a bad, bad blogger. 'Seems life has dished up a heap to handle and left no time to blog but when I read a post I always feel if I take the time to read I always take the time to comment. It's just the way I fly!!!

    God bless and I'm so glad you got to spend some quality time with a good friend. Good friends are true treasures!!! :o)

  3. I usually only comment if I feel I have something to say. Sometimes I just leave a quickie like:

    "Nice post" or "Very funny." When I do it is sincere.

    Nice Post.

  4. WHEN I get around to reading blogs (like today) I ALWAYS leave a comment, even if it's difficult to find something to say!
    Sometimes it's just ..." hope you are having a lovely day", or some such similar thing.
    By the way, THANK YOU so much for still leaving me comments. I am dreadful at getting around to reading and commenting this year!
    I am going to try and be better.

  5. That was a great blog Jeannie - I don't think you have to write every day to be a good blogger.

    And I do believe friendship makes one happier and healthier.


  6. I like posts like this...feels like you are just talking to friends...I like comments...even if it's just a have a great day...I usually always leave a comment if I read a post...or I come back to comment on it...

  7. I try to leave a comment on most blogs, especially when that blogger comments on my posts. It is only the polite thing to do. Blogging should not be just a one way street. That's my philosophy. As for friends, my hubby is my best friend. But, I do have a luncheon date with a girl friend this Sunday. Cheers, Jeanie! Have a nice Saturday.

  8. I always leave a comment if I read a post. I know how much work goes into a post and I know how much it reinforces a blogger to know that someone is reading what was written! I love your post today - random thoughts are always interesting, just like having coffee and conversation with a friend :)

  9. So glad the crocus survived and three cheers on the rowing machine! I agree with you about time with women friends. I'm not sure guys get it -- I think when they are with their friends, they "do" but women "share" and it is so enriching.

    Comments -- well, unless I'm really pushed for time, I always try to comment because I know how much comments mean to me. You're a fabulous commenter! I always like what you say. And comments don't need to be deep or profound. They do need to be sincere or from the heart, and sometimes "I love this!" or "Thank you" or "Good luck with that" is all one needs to say -- as long as it is true! Have a lovely weekend! And just for fun, google "west highland white terrier" + "cake" -- you'll see the cutest things!

  10. I usually comment, but sometimes I have nothing relevant to say. One I read today was all about a poetry contest and I don't write poetry so I didn't comment. Also, sometimes I miss some posts of my friends because I'm too busy to go on the computer. I try to catch up, but it is hard!

  11. I leave a comment on most of the posts that I read, especially those on my roller blogs. I have a few that I used to comment on and finally realized I had nothing in common with them but enjoyed their writing style so I read but do not comment. Crazy huh?

  12. rowing machine??? Ba humbug... I'd rather drink coffee (o: The party was great. Missed you (o:

  13. I agree heartily with that research. It is vital (for me) to be with friends at least once a week. I feel so much "healthier" afterward. LOL!
    I used to comment on every blog I read. But unfortunately I don't have as much time as I used to. I comment on most of the regular blogs I read (and that comment on you). But some blogs I just read and comment only when I have something important I want to contribute.
    Hope you are having a nice Sunday!

  14. I enjoy every comment I get and don't consider any of them boring because they are each sort of a pat on the shoulder to say hello or a smile of acknowledgement. I love all your comments, Jeanie, even if you just stop to say hello. Thank you so much for all your visits. I agree about having time with your girlfriends. I guess I consider all my blogging friends as friends who cheer me up anytime I turn on my computer. That said, I wish I could spend more time visiting, but I've got these Kindle books I borrowed from the library that are all coming due and I'm having a hard time keeping up with everything. Sigh.

  15. I do try to comment if I visit a blog. My only exception might be some of the uber popular bloggers I occasionally pop in on. I figure they won't miss a comment from me.

    Hubs has a high school reunion in July. It's not mine, but still highly motivating : )

  16. As you well know, I'm comments are pretty boring, but I mean well. I'm always impressed with bloggers like Brian Miller who always seen to have a fresh comment that's well said.

    And I agree, whatever the scientific reason, time with gal pals is good for you!

    xo jj

  17. LOL "Boring comments"? There is no such thing. I LOVE all comments...BTW, I have "Crocus Envy" - they are beautiful!

  18. I could see how a good friend is good for your health. They are hard to come by.

    I always leave a comment and many are boring. I once just said "hi." Comments are better than numbers.

    Spring flowers are the best!

    Happy Spring.

    Fool's Gold

  19. Fun pics...haven't seen Shy for a while (did I get the name right?) ...Cutie!
    Yep...sometimes I spin my wheels too.
    Take care.

    Cccam Server

  20. I think friendships are important to everyone.

    I almost always leave a comment. Sometimes I can't think of a thing to say about the post and I don't try and force it.

    The one practice I can't stand is heavily moderated blogs. I understand totally moderating for spam and/or profane or otherwise a inappropriate content but not allowing perfectly decent posts turns me off. I mean if the Pioneer Woman allows all comers to comment why can't others do it.

    Now, I feel better.

  21. Time with friends is so important. I really know the truth of that. I'm glad you had a bit of time to spend with a friend.

    Blogging friends are so important to me. I try to comment. I nearly always do even if it is just a remark or two. I don't always get around to follow-up comments because I just don't have the time. If I consistently find that I have nothing to say after I read a blog, I usually stop following the blog.

    Love the flowers. We have nothing down here, but spring is on its way.