Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Fragments

My two daughters are almost 6 years apart in age and my youngest daughter's two girls, Hope and EJ,  are also almost 6 years apart in age. Sometimes being the little sister can be a little rough........

EJ: Mom, I have to clean up the whole mess, Hope doesn't even have to help.
Mom to Hope: How did you swing that one, Hope?
Hope: Per the contract. 

That is a hard one for a 4 year old to argue with.

When a 4 year old has a 10 year old sister who sings all. the. time., they sometimes pick up songs that are a little beyond their years. I'm sure you have heard this one way too many times, but the video is only about 30 seconds long. 


Thank you to everyone who has expressed concern and asked how my grandson, Justin, is doing after his trip to the hospital on Tuesday. He only had to spend one night in the hospital and is on the mend at home now. A bad respiratory infection caused his larynx and trachea to suddenly swell and inhibit his breathing. Many thanks to the school staff who acted quickly to get medical help for him. He said riding in an ambulance is not so fun.....they just poke you with stuff the whole time. 


Thanksgiving is kind of sneaking up on me. I will only have about 15 people here this year, fewer than usual, and everyone will help with the food, so it should all be okay. I just have to make sure that this year I get a turkey that will actually fit into my oven.

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  1. Thank God for quick thinking...glad he is well.

    Can't have enough of cute 4 (guess)year olds. I always say little girls peak at four. THree is cute, 4 is really cute and then at five they lose those baby teeth and...

  2. Oh my gosh - you need to send that in somewhere - that is so cute! She is a doll. sandie

  3. She is so so so so so CUTE! :)


  4. The big Thanksgiving dinner used to be at my house when we lived in Indiana. Now, that we're up here in Wisconsin, nobody comes.

    I don't know WHY they don't want a 7 or 8 hour trip for Thanksgiving dinner!


  5. what a cutie...Hotrod was singing along with his Aunt the other day when she was playing that glad your grandson is okay...very scarey...

  6. They say when there is six years between siblings each is an "only" child. However it looks like the 4 year old is learning from her big sis quite well. I am the little sis and learned a lot just watching and waiting. lol

    Hooray for Justin! Pray that doesn't happen again.

    Blessings to you and yours for a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. LOL about the turkey!! It does sound like it will be a nice gathering though Jeanie! Glad to hear that Justin is out of the hospital and is doing better! Thankful too for the quick response of people to get the help that he needed!


  8. 15 people?that sounds huge. I have four total.

  9. Hi, So thankful that Justin is alright! As for small T-day dinners, our immediate family is 16, so I'm kind of use to the big group but I'm not hosting so it should be extra nice! Have a wonderful weekend Jeanie.
    Hugs, Noreen

  10. Adorable little girl! Love the video clip. She does Taylor Swift justice. :)
    One year I had a turkey that almost didn't fit in the oven. I made a note to myself, measure the turkey before buying. lol

  11. so glad Justin is doing better -- just in time for Thanksgiving.

  12. I am thrilled to hear that Justin is doing well. Terrifying experience. May it never happen again.

  13. What a doll! And I don't care what you say, 15 people is probably just as much work as 25. But it's all good when it's family, right? So I know you will enjoy the time together :)

  14. We are staying put this year and will have both girls home. Just the four of us for Thanksgiving and we are in desperate need of some family time so I'm looking forward to a more intimate meal and lots of time lounging in our pjs : )

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. TG is so early this year, but I'm ready for a break! Rick will make the turkey so I won't have to worry about it in my small oven. Kids will be home and how we will smile!

  16. Wow how scary for you and your grandson! I'm so relieved he is doing well now.