Sunday, February 19, 2012

No Welcome Mat Here and Opening Day

Our front porch is not looking very welcoming these days. There is a welcome mat there, but it is buried under a thick sheet of ice. 

Some sort of drainage problem in the gutters causes daytime melting to drip over the edge of the gutter which freezes at night on the walkway and porch. We have researched various solutions all of which will apparently cost thousands of dollars. It is yet to be decided if we will go for the fix or just wait for spring. In the meantime, you are welcome to will just have to come in through the garage. 


My 9 year old granddaughter, Hope, after six weeks of rehearsal,  finally had opening day for her current play yesterday. It all went well and I think it is relief for the entire crew to get the first performance done. The play will run for 5 more weeks.
There are no pictures allowed during the performance, but in addition to their work on stage the cast also seats the audience when they come in, takes lunch orders and serves lunch after the play ala adult dinner theater. Their director tells them that every aspiring actor needs to learn to wait tables
Hope in her "waitress" costume

Hope's 17 month old brother Beck missed the play yesterday due to an eye infection. It is not contagious, but it is rather unsightly.

Since this picture was taken he tripped over a toy and hit the same eye. He now has quite a shiner under his eye to add to his tough guy look.


  1. Not sure if my last comment went through so I'm trying again.

    Your grandson's eye looks like it really hurt!

    Your granddaughter is so Pretty!

    I know you are enjoying them!

  2. How exciting about the play!!! I bet she is loving it... even the waiting on tables. I would much rather watch Morgan in a play than in a dance recital (o:

    Beck looks so... in need of lots of love (o: That is what Kyla use to look like from a mosquito bite. Very sad.

    We will have to schedule a coffee date in March (o:

  3. Oh, that eye looks sore, hope he'll be alright soon. Your granddaughter is very pretty. Have a fantastic week!


  4. Ouch - Beck's eye looks like it hurts. Hope looks happy as a waitress or an actress. Don't slip on the ice. We got heat panels for our roof over the back deck after massive ice dams caused damage last winter. They seem to be working - but we haven't had a very hard winter so far.

  5. Last year we had ice everywhere; this year hardly any snow. Go figure. Hope has such an expressive face, and beautiful, too. What fun to be in a play and serve dinner, too. Poor Beck; I hope his eye is better soon!

  6. Oh poor Beck...on both accounts! Hope looks so sweet in her outfit. you know, it made me wonder if they are grooming them to be starving artists in learning to be a waitress when they aren't acting...

  7. Ouch! Poor little Beck. He looks so hurt.
    But YEAH for Hope! She is really becoming the little actress. I´m sure you are proud of her.
    About that ice problem...that looks pretty dangerous. I´m glad you have another entrance to use. Hope the weather warms up for you!

  8. Poor little Beck! Hope the infection clears up quickly! I wish the best for Hope! She is getting a lot wonderful experience!

  9. His eye looks really sore! And Hope is beautiful! And your ice looks dangerous. You have a lot going on. sandie

  10. Oh that poor baby. His eye looks so sore. I hope he is doing better.

    Hope is just a darling girl. I'm so happy she is getting all these great experiences.

    That ice looks like it is quite a problem. We've had drainage problems like that before that caused ice problems. We have a north exposure on the front of the house. That doesn't help. Thankfully, we have a covered porch, but the walk up to the porch can be quite a problem.

  11. What fun to be in a play! Hope looks so cute and happy. Poor Beck! I hope he heals quickly.

  12. So Hope has to learn to wait tables in order to be an actress? Funny! And poor Beck! I hope that never happens to my grandson.

  13. How very fun and excitin' it is for granddaughter to be a part of the play. I had to laugh at the waitin' table comment. Heeeheheheh!

    Oh that poor baby Beck...double whammy. He'll look like one tough little dude! Bless his heart!

    God bless and have a fantastic week sweetie!!!! :o)

  14. Poor darling little Beck. Sending lots of healing light his way. Hope looks absolutely adorable in her outfit. I bet the play was wonderful. It looks awfully cold there. Wish I could ship some of our lovely sunny Arizona weather your way.

  15. What a cute name for a kid's theater company! Adorable!

    Good luck with your ice. I hate that--and hope Beck is better soon!

  16. Oh gak on the ice!! Ours used to pool down in front of the garage because our driveway is on a slope...much expense later, we had to install a drainage system down there. I feel your pain!

  17. That sounds like quite a play, off Broadway sort. What a big smile in the photo. She must be dedicated to her part and to being part of the actors group. Sounds like a great experience for a young girl.

    Oh my, the eye infection and then a black eye on the same eye. Poor little guy.

  18. Poor Beck! That looks quite irritating for the lil' guy.

    Congratulations to Hope! That is so wonderful! This will give her a lot of happy confidence.

    I remember those icy walks in front of the doorway. We used to have to pound away at it.

  19. Yikes! That is one ice-packed entry. Be careful out there.

    Hope looks terrific in her costume. I think it's great that she's in plays at her age. The training will come in handy someday-- I have no doubt. I was in plays as a kid and I swear it's why I became a decent sales person.

    Poor Beck-- That cute guy can't catch a break. I hope he's on the mend.

    xo jj