Sunday, May 16, 2010

Quit Reminding Me I'm "A Person Of A Certain Age"

It is not that I don't know that I'm getting older. I'm not trying to deny that I'm getting older or to even ignore it completely. What I don't need is a nearly daily reminder in my mailbox.

My name seems to have landed on the mailing list of every company that markets their wares to "persons of a certain age". It is rare that a day goes by without the mailman bringing me information about a free dinner where I can learn how to manage my money in retirement, why I would love living in a newly opened retirement community or the advantages of pre-planned funerals. There are those who think I might be in need of an elevator like lift for my stairs or safety bars for my bathroom. My favorites are the ones telling me about the newest and best hearing aid, the most up to date adult diapers or a senior discount at a local restaurant. Nothing says fun like going out to a discounted dinner where I wouldn't even be able to hear the waiter tell me I had just wet my pants.

I know, the time will come when any or all of these great offers that come in the mail will be on my list of needs. This week I just hope someone sends me a coupon for some free chocolate.


  1. Jeanie..
    I'm with you about junk mail..
    especially to those of a certain age group..
    but I've been happily enjoying the perks of seniority..
    ie; a senior Coke at Burger King..50 cents!
    and 25 % discount at Goodwill!
    most restaurants also have senior discounts..
    if not posted, then ask!
    don't you think we've earned the right to be a bit bold or eccentric? I do!
    and I happily accept everyone offered!
    I consider it a perk for longevity!
    how do they know that inside this 65 year old body lurks the mischievousness of a teenager or the mind of Wikipedia?
    enjoy the perks,throw the other stuff in the recycling bin.. and smile!
    and if it really is troublesome, there are ways to take yourself off the junk mail lists..
    the easiest is to send a postcard or letter to:
    write :
    "Please activate Mail Preference Service"
    Mail Preference Service
    Direct Marketing Service
    P O Box 9008
    Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008
    include name, address of all members receiving mail at that address.
    The DMA says once activated, you will see a 75% decline of junkmail within 3 months!
    hopefully this will help!
    Now go by yourself a senior coke at BK!
    Hugs and laughing smiles..
    takes fewer muscles to laugh than frown anyway!

  2. I'm still trying to get over my hurt feelings from being "maam'd". I know I'm in denial. It's lovely this time of year.

  3. I wouldn´t like those reminders either. I guess in a way we are lucky that we get so little "junk" mail. Almost non existent here.
    And there are no senior discounts anyways....
    Hope you have a good week!

  4. I agree with you. If we wanted to know about the best hair coloring for gray hair, or the best hearing aid, or the next viagra for women, we would google it and find the best, and then go out and buy it. Such a waste of paper, such damage to our forests. Tsk, tsk

  5. I'll take the "senior" discount if it's offered, even though I'm not quite eligible. The only trouble is, I'm often trying to get my 20-something kids to pass as "children"...

  6. Jeanie, as a woman of a "certain age" I'm gonna just be straight with you.

    There aren't any free chocolate coupons.

    But on Mondays you can get a free coffee at MacDonalds. At least around here!

    Cute post!

  7. I get those and I'm not "of a certain age" - unless the new age is 35. AARP needs to update their database methinks. And I'm with you on the chocolate coupons!

  8. you and me both (with getting chocolate coupons). I could have "killed" my hubby when he turned 50 and signed up for AARP. I wasn't even close to that age but kept getting membership benefits......

    getting old isn't so bad, if only the body would cooperate a bit and not groan and moan as much :)


  9. well at least they aren't sending us info about hospice--yet.
    And the good news is they may send me something today but I'll forget it tomorrow.

  10. LOL... we get mail like that too.. and FREE samples of those 'diapers' too! AWESOME.

  11. I wish I could remember where it is in my archives that I did a post on getting your name off mailing lists. I did it, and we rarely ever get junk mail any more. With my silvery-white hair I've been getting offered Senior Discounts since I was 35. I dunno...I try to age as gracefully as possible. It's mostly the aches and pains upon waking that remind me Father Time is no respecter of persons.

  12. I've also been getting senior offers on my email, presumably from looking up something at the AARP website. The one that took me by surprise was a website for a seniors dating service! After getting regular notifications for awhile, I finally unsubscribed...after all, I've been married 37 years, and don't plan on changing that anytime soon!

  13. WOW - really cute post. They need to read your blog then they would realize that they are sending this stuff to someone not on their age list - you are way to young!

  14. I hope someone just sends you the free chocolate so you don't even have to get it.

  15. I don't know how we get on these mailing lists, but I always thought it was pretty funny that my husband started getting ads for hearing aids just when he really needed them, and I, who have great hearing, have never received one of these ads. I feel like Big Brother is watching. :)

    No ads for free chocolate here either, darn it.

  16. I'm just laughing at this. I get these all the time. While I may be "of a certain age", I'm certainly not old. Or in need of those products. But as you say, some day I might.

    Now pass the chocolate.

  17. I am with you on the coupon for free chocolates. The rest of the stuff all lands in the trash!

    Hope your week is good.

  18. LOL! We women of a certain age need chocolate to keep us from getting cranky... ;-)

  19. We open the mail right next to a recycle bin....because that's where most of it goes!

  20. It isn't all bad, Jeanie. Now you can get a free drink with your meal at Wendy's!

    The free meals really are free. But ... You have to be sales resistant because they will next be wanting to schedule you with a free personal finance analysis. After that they hope to manage for you.

    Here are some RED HOT jello salad recipes:,1-0,jello_red_hots,FF.html

    The free chocolate coupons from Mars ended in September, 2009. Sorry.
    .. tells peoples' ages. They would like you to register but it knows your info even if you don't register.

  21. So you get the kindling material stuff too??? What the heck are they thinkin'??? Why ya can just look at us and know we are not in need of all that stuff! Heeehehehe! If ya find that free chocolate coupon, will ya throw one my way?

    You have yourself a beautifully blessed day!!!

  22. Love it
    I try to ignore all that stuff
    like you said
    maybe someday it will come in handy
    we will be lonely and need something to read
    oh, that comment made me sad
    guess I should send my in-laws some real mail so they have people mail
    not just junk
    darn, they do end up getting that stuff...funeral package...etc.

  23. I know...I get them all the time. Just once I would like an old fashion letter...guess I should get busy and write one.....maybe I'll get an answer!!

  24. AARP has my mailing address. Though my brother swears that it's worth signing up just for the magazine, I just can't do it...yet. I don't want to wear any red hats any time soon, either.